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Just another beautiful morning for tennis

IMG_1809PPTW had another great event at the Madison Beach Club on Saturday morning. Brian treated several tennis players who were participating in a Members-Guest Ladies Tennis Tournament. Some needed a quick stretch beforehand, and others came off the court for treatment in between matches. It was a steamy morning, but the ladies were great sports about the weather. A great time was had by all!!

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Madison Beach Club

Special Thanks to Bryan Adinolfi and the rest of the gang over at Madison Beach Club. On Saturday morning, Brian spent several hours treating some of the Shoreline’s best!!! It was a huge success, and he looks forward to coming back later on this summer to continue to become Madison’s “resident manual therapist.” From lower back, to neck and shoulder, and everything in between, Brian was quick-treating each player as they took breaks in between match play to get straightened out. I would call it a “great success!”

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Those pesky bunions

Where does a bunion come from? Is it genetic? Perhaps…is it the shoes you wear? Also a possibility. The bottom line is thabunion painfult a bunion is usually coming from the part of your foot that’s close to your ankle. The bones are  “squished” in there and what happens, often, is that one bone starts to push the other one out of the way; the bottom end of that bone is what becomes a bunion. This is precisely why a surgery to just shave down that bunion is not always that helpful. Be sure to address the midfoot, and help to make room in between each of those bones. It’s all about the cuneiforms, the navicular, and the cuboid bones. Want to learn more? Give me a call and we can talk further. There are several techniques that I use to help make more room in your midfoot, and work on that arch of yours to make walking and running that much more comfortable.

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