After several months of limping due to an Achilles tendon and calf injury, I was referred to Brian, who was reputed to be “the best.” Indeed he was. His knowledge of anatomy and intense level of training allowed him to readily diagnose and treat my injuries. Within two sessions, I was pain free and able to walk normally. More importantly, Brian took the time to analyze my physical strengths and weaknesses overall. Through a combination of manipulation, massage and exercises, he addressed the root causes of my calf and foot issues while teaching me important posture, gait and exercise principles which have dramatically lowered my risk of future injury. Due to Brian’s care, I feel much healthier today and have been inspired to add a new sport to my list
of hobbies. The difference between Brian and other physical therapists is his solution-based knowledge and his focus on a long-term, injury-free and healthy lifestyle.


Before meeting Brian I had been in extreme pain caused by two herniated discs in my neck that were impacting the nerve root in my arm. Things had gotten to the point where I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t concentrate on work and relationships—just about every portion of my life was affected. I came into my first meeting pretty skeptical about what the results of PT would be given how bad things felt. Even with all this, Brian did a great job of talking me through what was going on and how he would go about treating my pain. He had a thoughtful approach that really went through all the things in my day to day life that could be aggravating my condition. He then pinpointed a few activities in my day that I might approach differently, gave me tailored treatment, and things to focus on outside of PT. I feel very strongly that it was this thoroughness and professionalism which focused on my entire life that allowed me to begin healing so quickly—I was able to resolve most of my pain in less than 2 weeks, and achieved a full recovery in under 3 months. To this day I’m shocked with how rapidly I was able to progress. I now know that most PTs wouldn’t have put in that extra effort, but it’s my strong opinion that it was exactly this that made all the difference.

I was able to get out of constant pain in less than 2 weeks, and this drastic change really impressed me (and shocked the skeptic in me). With in the span of of 3 months of starting treatment I have been able to get to a place where my life is almost to tally back to normal.


My experience with Brian Tenenhaus has been nothing short of amazing. Not only do I feel better immediately following an appointment with him, I also feel better on a daily basis because he has given me the tools to progress outside of the office. I have exercises to do at home to strengthen the areas I’m weak in, and he has shown me how to improve my routine activities so that I am not straining my joints and muscles. I’ve corrected the sitting position at my desk and in the car, improved my posture while standing, and now have my head and neck in the correct position while weight lifting. Complex problems require comprehensive solutions. Brian offers this unique and valuable service to his patients.

~ Michelle