Are you looking for a place to swim right now?

I know it’s been a struggle for many of you to find a place to keep up your swim training. There are a few “diehards” who are still swimming in the sound, but most of you are struggling with the Y to get your 45 minute lane time, or you’re just “making do” without. Have you ever heard of the “Vasa swim trainer” ?

Here at PEAK, we are so lucky to have one of these pieces of equipment which world class swimmers and triathletes use all the time, to hone their technique, and keep their “swimmer muscles” in top form. 

Over this offseason, come to PEAK and learn more about how our Vasa Swim Trainer can be the next tool to help get you “swim fit” and ultimately, get you to the podium!
Starting soon, we’ve got a fun (and affordable) swim program that will help you get in the water, without your bathing suit and chlorine hair 😉