Adult Muscle Conditioning – 60 Minutes

Looking for a full body workout? This class will take you through a variety of engaging strength and cardio combination movements. The instructor will provide variations and modifications so you could choose which movements are best for you and your needs while you break a sweat. The class always starts with a warm-up and ends with a cool down and a stretch. You will also notice improvements with your flexibility and mobility. 

Please call or email us for current class times!

Adult Core Conditioning Р30 Minutes 

This class will focus on strengthening your abs, back, and stabilizer muscles throughout your body. Having a strong core leads to better day-to-day functioning, better performance in all sports and activities, better posture, and improved balance. This class is only 30 minutes, but you will break a sweat and feel refreshed when you leave. It is also a great class if you are short on time, but need to workout.

Please call or email us for current class times.