Brian Tenenhaus Physical Therapist

Brian Tenenhaus

A native of Reston, Virginia, Brian obtained his Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Quinnipiac University in 2004. After several years of working in orthopedics he pursued his Certification in Functional Manual Therapy (TM) through the Institute of Physical Art, out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Brian has completed his manual therapy residency at Elite Health Services in Old Greenwich, Connecticut and he now brings with him a wealth of knowledge, experience, and positive energy as the founder of Peak Performance, Therapy and Wellness.

In addition to his 10+ years of clinical experience (working with 5-year-olds to 98-years-old) he also is known throughout the area as a tennis guru, and an accomplished triathlete. Additionally, in the community, Brian volunteered for a Southington-based program called “Skiiers Unlimited.”

Brian is coming to us as a Certified Functional Manual Therapist, meaning, he treats the body as a whole, with a functional mindset.

“I will often look at somebody in their car, watch them climb stairs, or address whatever task it is that causes them pain.”

The evaluation process is integral because the real key to success is finding the root cause. Anybody can make you feel better for a few hours, or even a few days, but to keep the pain from coming back over the long run, that’s what separates a few therapists from the rest. Brian has worked with a very diverse population over the years including but not limited to patients with stroke, TMJD, cervicogenic headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and a vast array of orthopedic injuries.

Additionally, Brian offers “performance” analyses and recommendations to athletes of all levels and ages. He believes that the earlier you can intervene on habits and movements, the better at preventing injury and avoiding bad habits. Brian enjoys performing frame-by-frame, Video Motion Run Analysis, On-Court Tennis Analysis, and sport specific performance work for all other athletes.

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