This article was written to improve the results and exercise efficiency while using the rower. There are many ways to use the rowing machine, the most common use would be as a warm up tool, or something for long distance cardio exercise. Many people believe that this is the only way to use the rower, but that is far from the truth. There are four proven training methods with the rower.

  • warm-up/ cool-down supplement to main exercise.
    This method is typical for the average gym goer, truly, there’s nothing wrong with it. The rower is a great tool to get the blood pumping and the body warmed up for your main workout, just as it is for a more relaxing cool-down, to finish off your workout. With this method, you should start with an easy going pace, no more than 60% effort, starting at 20% effort for the warm up. As for the cool down, start at 60% effort and gradually decrease to 20%.
  • Rower workout for Speed
    The second method we will discuss is speed training. This style of training is great for any athlete looking to train for quick bursts of energy or anyone looking to improve their cardiovascular ability to exert a lot of energy in short periods of time. To learn the specific parameters for a speed workout, call now to meet with our lead Trainer, Eric Malicki, who can help guide you through your very own speed workout
  • Cardiovascular endurance
    • This is another common rower workout for most people who use the rower. This is a great method for people looking to enhance cardiovascular endurance and efficiency, such as long distance runners, bicyclists, and anyone looking to burn some extra calories.
  • Full body cross training
    • The last, and most effective use of the rowing machine.
    • complete integration of strength and endurance training.
    • Uses 80% of your muscles
    • Combines cardiovascular endurance training with strength training
    • To learn more about how to maximize your workout with the help of a C2 Ergometer, call PEAK and ask for Eric, today!