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What to Expect When Personal Training at Peak

Meet Kira Hood, Director of Fitness Training, Athletic Conditioning and Ninja Program Coordinator

Kira is extremely passionate about exercise and how it can benefit people of all ages. She is an ACSM certified Personal Trainer, and has 6+ years of teaching group exercise classes like Spinning & Zumba. She has been with PEAK since the Spring of 2021.

Kira earned her Bachelor of Science in Sports Management & Exercise Science from Eastern Connecticut State University. During this time, she developed an interest in athletic conditioning and dynamic strength training. She brought her passion for exercise science into her second major, using her extra credit hours to learn to recreate the human anatomy in fine arts.

Kira went on to study special populations and earned her Certification in Exercise Prescription from the University of Connecticut. Kira believes that exercise can be made enjoyable for every client, finding safe and effective modalities of exercise that work for each unique individual.

Kira is excited to be working with Brian to carry out PEAK’s mission to foster wellness with a full-bodied, team approach. Kira does personal training, small group training, kids classes, sports conditioning, and more!

Triathlon & Runners Membership

PEAK Performance Therapy and Wellness

“You should not RUN to get Fit, you must be FIT to Run”

Success comes from consistent training, determination, and most importantly, staying healthy. How do you stay healthy? For starters, understanding your body. Listening to your body is integral when you’re logging loads of miles. Additionally, in sports like running biking and swimming, your body is primarily trained in the frontal plane. This is why so many of our runners are strong with certain movement patterns but even the strongest of runners, who do not do strength training, present with significant weakness in other movement planes. This is one of the main causes for injuries. Come train with us to prevent injuries and address the pillars of strength to create your success story of 2022!!

Membership costs $60.00/Month

Unlimited Classes with a Membership + 3 Vasa Trainer Sessions per Month

Class times change seasonally, so give us a call for the most current information!