Cost Per 6-Week Session

45-Minute Class Price ($10 discount for 30 minute classes.)

Single Child- $300

Two Children- $225 Per Child

Three Children- $175 Per Child

Four Children- $150 Per Child

Fun Ninja Classes for Kids

The best class in town, where no two obstacle courses are alike. This class was created by a Physical Therapist who wants children to be more active and engaging in challenging activities, and in the end, a class that is safe and FUN! Kids will practice and apply various skills like: crawling, rolling, jumping, landing, climbing, swinging, hanging and balance training. 

Our Fun Ninja Classes are appropriate for ages 3.5+

Class Sessions include 1 class per week for 6 weeks. Our prices only reflect 5 classes, because the 6th week is a built-in makeup class!

Due to COVID-19, we are booking class sessions by request. We are allowing up to 4 children per class, so feel free to include friends or siblings! Give us a call or send us an email to get started.

Golf Strength & Speed Conditioning Special

We have teamed up with local Golf Trainer, Josh Detmer, to offer an awesome special training session for 2022! 

  • 1 Speed Class per week with Josh, combined with 1 Strengthening Class per week at PEAK
  • 5 weeks duration, beginning 2/21/2022
  • Cost is $300 total 
  • Middle School & High School
  • TO REGISTER: Call  203-421-2435

Middle School & High School Running Conditioning 

    • Classes focus on injury prevention in youth athletes
    • Specific focus on balance, and triplanar strengthening/flexibility
    • Classes can create a smooth transition between seasons, or enhance current season training
    • Other topics that are covered include nutrition and dietary management
    • Classes can be one-on-one, or in a small group up to 4 participants
    • Call to book a class anytime!

Strength and Conditioning for Youth Sports 

Learning safe methods and proper technique to increase strength and flexibility to allow for best performance on the field/court. Learning about nutrition and how to utilize rest/recovery to keep our youth healthy and engaged. Ultimately, the goals are to prevent injury while optimizing performance. 

  • One-on-One or Small Group Trainings available anytime!
  • Conditioning for any of the following: Football, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Golf, Swimming, Diving, Running, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey 
  • Call today for pricing and availability