Meet John Damato:  John specializes in sport specific performance training as well as cardiovascular conditioning. He can also help clients with nutritional advice and customization of home exercise programs. John truly loves working with kids, but he has his fair share of experience with adults as well. He recieved his Exercise Science degree from SCSU in 2016 and is currently working towards becoming a full time Nurse. He has a wealth of knowledge and background and looks forward to helping you reach your goals, weather it’s a “couch to 5k” or it’s working to shed a few lbs, he’s ready to help.


As for best slice of pizza in town, “My vote goes to Bar!” Additionally, he has a strong affinity for cars, and loves meal prep and healthy eating.

Triathlon & Runners Membership

PEAK Performance Therapy and Wellness

“You should not RUN to get Fit, you must be FIT to Run” 

Success comes from consistent training, determination, and most importantly, staying healthy. How do you stay healthy? For starters, understanding your body. Listening to your body is integral when you’re logging loads of miles. Additionally, in sports like running biking and swimming, your body is primarily trained in the frontal plane. This is why so many of our runners are strong with certain movement patterns but even the strongest of runners, who do not do strength training, present with significant weakness in other movement planes. This is one of the main causes for injuries. Come train with us to prevent injuries and address the pillars of strength to create your success story of 2019!!

  • Class Schedule:  (If these class times don’t work for you, let us know, we may be able to add classes when you want them!
  • Monday 5:30 am, 1:00 pm
  • Wednesday 5:30 am, 7:00 pm
  • Sunday 9:00 am
  • ** Free class Friday 7:00 pm (The first Friday of every month, bring a friend, bring a family member or come by yourself, must call in advance)

Other notes:  Membership costs $60.00/month

Perks include: 3 – 30 min Vasa Trainer vouchers/month.

Unlimited Classes with a membership

  1. Foundational Strength to achieve core first strategies
  2. Flexibility and muscular elasticity are vital to achieve peak performance
  3. In order to perform at an elite level you need to be strong in single leg stance

Soccer Preparation and Injury Prevention Classes

Injury prevention in SOCCER players is integral for Peak Performance over the long term 

Chief Trainer, John Damato, has 10+ years of experience working with soccer players of all ages and has worked in a wide array of sports

  • Rehabbing from a past injury?  This is perfect for you!
  • Don’t let your kid miss another game due to poor stretching, joint instability, or foundational weakness
  • Balance is one of the best ways to prevent injuries in soccer players
  • This class will be offered M/W/F at 4:30 – 5:30 pm
    • If this time doesn’t work for you, let us know, we can create your very own class with the same principals and exercise approach
  • Commitment is the only way to build foundational strength
  • Functional and purposeful strength training will lower your child’s risk for injury

Ages 13-17 boys and girls welcome

Each class is one hour

10 week commitment 

Come as often as you want

Payment in 1 or 2 installments

First class to begin on January 7, 2019

Cost is $360.00/child

Call now to register 203-421-2435

Spread the word as we need 8 to initiate the program

Hip/Knee Replacement Rehab & Prehab Classes

Teaming up with our Physical Therapy team, Jonathan works with multiple types of patients under this scope. Some of whom have already had a knee or hip replacement, while others have not had the joint replaced, but they know that it is coming down the road. Studies show that one of the best indicators of a positive outcome and a strong recovery are predicted by the kind of shape you’re in, going into the surgery. This is often difficult because of pain, a lack of mobility and other limiting factors, however, with the right approach and education, there is still so much that can be done in advance to ensure a swift recovery. If you have already had the surgery, you will go through an aggressive course of PT to help return to baseline, and hopefully, beyond. However, often times, additional exercise is often beneficial and once you’re been discharged from your Physical Therapist, a more functional approach on exercise can get you to the next level.  Inquire about our class offerings, where you can talk with others who have already gone through what you are going through. Not enough can be said for the therapeutic benefits of talking with others who have gone through (or are currently going through) the same thing that you are, just at different stages along the way.

Ninja Fun for Kids Class

Ninja Fun classes to begin in the Spring/Summer of 2019. These classes will be for all ages and are geared towards healthy FUN and SAFE exercise for boys and girls who love to move! Think gymnastics meets dodge ball mixed with obstacle courses and SAFETY training.

Interested? Give us a call and let us know how old your kid is, and what day/time is best for them!

“Obstacle Course Race” (AKA OCR) Training

Have you ever heard of Warrior Dashes? Spartan Beast? Tough Mudders? If this is your thing, OR you’re very curious and want to try your first one, let us know, this class is JUST 4 u !

These classes are geared towards helping you train to get stronger, smarter, fitter, and faster.

Let us know that you’re interested so that we can build the classes around your schedule, your wants…your needs!  See….you….THERE!